Our Services

Our wide variety of specialized services will help you achieve better health and improved independence.

Manual Therapy
Manual therapy is an effective group of techniques designed to decrease pain and improve range of motion and flexibility to stiff joints and muscles. Manual therapy involves one-to-one, hands-on, active and passive intervention techniques. It is most effective when combined with therapeutic exercise and patient education.

Orthopedic Therapy
We offer comprehensive rehabilitation for all orthopedic conditions whether non-surgical or post-surgical. Our therapists treat patients with a variety of upper and lower extremity joint conditions including arthritis, athletic injury, musculoskeletal weakness, neuromuscular impairments, tendon pathology, and patients who have had orthopedic surgery. Each patient receives a combination of one-to-one manual therapy treatment as well as an individualized exercise program for use in the clinic and at home.

Back & Neck
Studies show that as many as 70-80% of adults will have back or neck pain. This pain is a major cause of missed work and disability. Our therapists are highly skilled in the treatment of spinal dysfunction. We perform a thorough examination followed by an individualized plan of care that includes manual therapy, individualized exercise prescription, postural training, body mechanics education, and activity modification.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is the application of evidence-based evaluation and intervention techniques for the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction – including incontinence, prolapse, and urogynecologic pain syndromes and post-prostatectomy conditions. It involves a thorough musculoskeletal assessment and internal pelvic floor muscle evaluation to design an individualized treatment program. MORE

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Functional Capacity Evaluation
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an assessment tool used for those who have suffered an injury that may affect employment. Our therapists and staff have been trained to determine an individual’s work abilities as well as the status of their occupational disability. FCE assessments last approximately three hours and are designed to test strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular condition and body mechanics – all in relation to job demands. MORE